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3 Mentoring Activities to Help Break the Ice

Posted on Tue, Nov, 24, 2015

Tags: Pilot Mentoring Program

In professional mentoring, we match mentors and mentorees with people they don't know very well (if at all). As a result, meeting for the first time can be a little awkward. This is why I recommend bringing all of the pairs together in a classroom setting for their first meeting. The mentoring program manager can then put everyone at ease and provide direction and tips for a successful mentoring relationship.

That said, sometimes this solution isn't possible due to costs and distances. The good news? You can still diminish the awkwardness of the first meeting, if you put your mind to it.

Here are three mentoring activities to help break the ice.

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Performance Improvement Plan: Make Room for Mentoring

Posted on Tue, Nov, 17, 2015

Tags: performance

Telling your employees they need to improve isn't enough. You need to provide a roadmap and tools to help them achieve whatever goals you set out for them.

A performance improvement plan serves as this roadmap, and one of the tools you'll often recommend is mentoring.

But here's the thing—it's not enough to simply recommend mentoring. Be smart in your approach so that your employee is just as excited about mentoring as you are.

Here's what to keep in mind.

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5 More Inspiring Mentoring Quotes

Posted on Tue, Nov, 10, 2015

Tags: mentoring pairs

Quotes seem to get people's attention these days. I've noticed all over my Facebook feed that quotes seem to be the most shared and liked pieces of content. This summer, we dedicated our newsletter to Inspiring Mentoring Quotes. And of course, we noticed they were shared! Below are 5 more inspiring quotes to inspire and to help flourish your mentoring relationship. Be sure to share them with your mentoring partner and within your mentoring program!

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Encouraging Knowledge Share: 3 Tips for Talent Managers

Posted on Wed, Nov, 04, 2015

Tags: Knowledge Share

While your employees' collective knowledge is powerful (and one of your organization's greatest assets), it's also hard to measure. If you had to recreate this knowledge database from scratch, you'd be hard pressed to do so quickly and efficiently, which is why knowledge sharing is so important.

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Managing Diversity in the Workplace: 3 Ways Mentoring Helps

Posted on Mon, Oct, 26, 2015

Tags: workplace diversity

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to business success. Given the fact that technology has allowed us to be more global in working and communicating, this comes as no surprise.

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Employee Development Goals: How Mentoring Helps

Posted on Mon, Oct, 19, 2015

Tags: Developing Employees

Talent managers are famous for giving people straightforward employee development goals. It makes sense, of course. Talent managers are supposed to nurture the organization's talent.

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What is A Mentor?

Posted on Mon, Oct, 12, 2015

Tags: mentor


We get this question a lot: What is a mentor?

Whether you are new to the concept of business mentoring or you've been involved in a mentoring relationship in the past, the following two lists will help you to understand better both the ideal mentor profile and the requirements for an effective mentor. Feel free to share these lists within your mentoring program. They may help your program to get back on track.

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Problem Employees—Is Mentoring the Answer?

Posted on Tue, Oct, 06, 2015

You want to see everyone in your organization succeed and thrive, but you're also a realist. You know not every employee is going to work out.

At the same time, you want to offer problem employees as much support and help as possible. You're considering mentoring, which raises the question: can mentoring alone save problem employees?

The short answer: maybe.

Here's what to keep in mind as you make your evaluation:

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Mentoring Activities: How to Wrap Up Your Meetings

Posted on Tue, Sep, 22, 2015

Tags: Best Practices in Mentoring

You've had a productive mentoring session, and you're excited about the possibilities. You're approaching the end of your one hour (or 1.5 hours), and you want to make sure both you and your partner are on the same page regarding next steps. Of course, this leads to some important questions…

  • Who is responsible for creating a list of next steps—the mentor, the mentoree, or a combination?
  • Should you create a tentative agenda for the next meeting, or should the mentoree be responsible for formulating an agenda right before the next meeting?
  • What if the mentoree has questions in between sessions?
  • How will you measure progress?


We recommend the following mentoring activities as you near the end of each session.

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HR Trends: Should You Streamline Your Mentoring Program?

Posted on Tue, Sep, 15, 2015

Tags: Mentoring Software

One of the biggest HR trends we've seen over the last decade is the trend towards streamlining manual processes. It makes sense, of course, since HR people tend to be extremely efficient.

That said, HR pros are sometimes surprised when we tell them it is possible (and preferable) to streamline the organization's mentoring program, especially the creation/development phase.

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