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Important Questions for Mentorees & Mentors after 90 Days

Posted on Tue, May, 17, 2016

Tags: mentoring training

The first three months of a new mentoring relationship are critical. Ideally, the mentoring program manager (MPM) should check in with all participants to see how everything is working out.

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Leadership & Mentoring: 14 Helpful Resources

Posted on Thu, May, 12, 2016

Tags: Leadership Development

Some of this content first appeared in our informative white paper, Mentoring & Leadership: FAQs, Tips & Real Life Stories. For the full white paper, click here.

leadership_and_mentoringLeadership and mentoring. The two go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, chips and salsa. (Hungry yet? OK, we’ll stop now.)

It’s easy to accept the idea of this grand partnership because, on the surface, it sounds good. After all, leadership is an important and valued skill, and mentoring is something most people welcome, especially if it will help them advance in their careers.

But do you truly understand the link between leadership and mentoring? What do the individual terms mean, and do these meanings change when you link the two? How does mentoring foster leadership (and is mentoring always necessary)? And what does a “leadership” mentoring program look like anyway?

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Knowledge Sharing Systems: Are They Necessary? (Short Answer: YES!)

Posted on Mon, May, 02, 2016

Tags: Knowledge Share

knowledge_sharingSharing knowledge. Parents do it with kids, teachers do it with students, peers do it with each other, employers do it with employees, and so on and so on. Much of this "knowledge sharing" is done in informal settings.

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Mentoring Employees: 3 Ways Line Managers Can Support the Process

Posted on Wed, Apr, 27, 2016

Tags: Corporate Mentoring

So your company has a mentoring program. but you are a line manager and really don't want to lose production time while your employee is off taking a "break." Right?


You will see that in the long run, a company-wide mentoring program will only help to increase production as well as the company's bottom line. In the short term, it may seem like an inconvenience to be short-staffed, but your employees' professional development and devotion/loyalty to the company will increase as a result of a corporate wide mentoring program.

So what can line managers do to support the mentoring process?

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Mentoring Women: Tips for Finding Mentors

Posted on Wed, Apr, 20, 2016

Mentoring is an important career strategy that provides countless benefits. Although everyone should have a mentor, finding one is not always an easy process. This can be especially true for women in the workplace, for a variety of reasons (including the fact some men may feel hesitant and/or uncomfortable mentoring female colleagues).

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5 Tips for Setting Mentoring Objectives

Posted on Tue, Apr, 12, 2016

Tags: Mentoring Programs

mentoring_objectivesWhen it comes to setting mentoring objectives, you should remember two important points. First, your mentoring program will have an overall objective (e.g. develop leaders). Second, each individual mentoring relationship between a mentor and mentoree will have its own set of objectives (e.g. develop more confidence speaking/presenting in front of groups, learn how to balance life/work better, create and launch a 3-year plan for growth).

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4 Ways Mentorship Programs in the Workplace Can Keep Millennials Happy

Posted on Tue, Apr, 05, 2016

Tags: Millennials

mentorship programs in the workplaceAs BloombergView notes, "The U.S. now has 88 million millennials, people born 1981 to 2000." (There are 2.5 billion Millennials around the world.)

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Our Mentoring Blog: You Really LOVE Us!

Posted on Thu, Mar, 24, 2016

Tags: mentoring

We have been blogging up a storm since the beginning of 2016 and have been receiving rave reviews as a result! In fact, our blog subscribers (that would be you!) have increased by 20% in the past 11 weeks. Even better than that, our blog posts have been viewed over 31,000 times since January 1, 2016!

So, as our team continues to work hard to crank out even more great information for you regarding all things mentoring, succession planning, knowlege sharing, e-learning and more, we thought we'd share a quick recap of our Top 10 blog posts that we have posted since New Year's Day 2016. Now you have all of this fantastic reading in one place. And, as always, if there is a topic we haven't covered and you would like to learn more about, share in the comments below. This blog is for YOU after all :)

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Say Hello to the NEW Mentoring University

Posted on Thu, Mar, 17, 2016

Tags: mentoring training

Mentoring University is the educational arm of our company, and we gave it a makeover in January.

Mentoring comes naturally to most people. No doubt, we've all done some informal mentoring in our lives at some point. But a formal mentoring relationship requires additional instruction and insight. And that's what Mentoring University is all about—it provides cost-effective resources that will help deepen your understanding of mentoring. Think e-learning courses, ebooks, and webinars.

Our new Mentoring University site accomplishes several goals:

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3 Leadership Skills Every Mentoring Program Manager Must Master

Posted on Mon, Mar, 07, 2016

Tags: Leadership Development

As the mentoring program manager (MPM), you'll essentially be leading a group of mentors and mentorees over nine to 12 months. As such, it makes sense for MPMs to develop these three leadership skills.

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