Business Mentoring Matters

Talent Retention: 1 in 3 gone in the first year!

Posted on Mon, Aug, 24, 2015

Tags: Talent Retention

1_in_3_gone_in_the_first_yearDeloitte Research data states that 1 in 3 new hires leave a company within the first year of employment. That number represents a large loss of productive and increased turnover costs. Some turnover in the first year is expected—as both the company and the employee explore whether this is the "right fit" for either of them. But if the right fit is there, companies can improve their talent retention rate significantly by paying attention to the needs of the new employee. And mentoring can help.

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Does it always need to be coaching vs mentoring?

Posted on Thu, Aug, 20, 2015

Tags: Mentoring vs. Coaching

We talk a lot about coaching and mentoring. Typically we discuss the differences between coaching and mentoring, because in a business setting, there are major differences. But today, I'd like to discuss when coaching and mentoring work together.

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Do you know the 5 types of business mentoring models?

Posted on Mon, Aug, 17, 2015

Tags: business mentoring models

business_mentoring_modelsOne of the advantages of mentoring is that it can be adapted to any organization’s culture and resources. There are several business mentoring models to choose from when developing a mentoring program. The following are the 5 types of business mentoring models:

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Talent Management Magazine Interviews Rene Petrin

Posted on Fri, Jul, 24, 2015

We're thrilled to share an interview that Talent Management magazine conducted via Skype with our president and founder, Rene Petrin

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Psychology That Underlies My Approach To Mentoring

Posted on Tue, Jul, 07, 2015

Recently I facilitated a meeting to design a mentoring program. During the meeting, someone asked the question:

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9 Suggested Activities For Mentoring Pairs

Posted on Thu, Jun, 18, 2015

Tags: mentoring pairs

When I conduct quarterly sessions with mentoring pairs I get a lot of useful suggestions. The following are 9 suggested activities for mentoring pairs directly from people currently partaking in a corporate mentoring program:  

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Learn How To Create A Pilot Mentoring Program

Posted on Mon, Jun, 08, 2015

Tags: Pilot Mentoring Program

When people in an organization first start thinking about mentoring, they usually want to start small to test the waters and see if it gains any traction. This is a smart approach, and one we support 110 percent. 

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10 differences between formal and informal business mentoring

Posted on Mon, Jun, 01, 2015

Tags: Mentoring Programs, mentoring pairs

differences between formal and informal mentoringInformal and formal mentoring are often perceived as being the same, but they have significant differences. A failure by individuals engaged in such relationships to understand these differences can lead to disappointment and frustration. Both can benefit the organization and the individuals involved.

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How to ask someone to be your mentor

Posted on Fri, May, 29, 2015

Tags: mentoring pairs, Mentors & Mentorees, mentoring relationships

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How to Prepare for Your Meeting With Your Mentor

Posted on Wed, May, 27, 2015

Tags: mentoring relationships, Mentorees

In a one-on-one mentoring relationship, many mentorees may make the mistake of assuming that the onus is on the mentor to prepare the schedule and the agenda for meetings with their mentorees. Not so! The primary purpose of the mentoring relationship is to help to develop the mentoree. Therefore, the mentoree should be pro-active and help to create an agenda and a relationship that reflects the types of goals he/she would like to achieve. Mentors are offering their valuable time to their mentorees. It is the mentoree's responibility to make the most of that time (think "you get what you pay for"). Read More