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Purposeful Knowledge Sharing: 3 Tips

Posted on Wed, Mar, 22, 2017

Tags: Knowledge Share


Knowledge sharing. Seems like a straightforward business term, doesn’t it? Share the stuff you know. Have you ever stopped to think about how much “knowledge” is in the room? Or how to extract it? Your employees, co-workers, mentors, managers, executive team, etc. bring with them all of the knowledge that they’ve gained not only during their current position, but also every position they have had up to this point. Add to that their education and personal experiences, and you may not need to look outside of your company for a certain expertise you may think you are lacking.

At this point, you may be asking yourself:

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Why Be a Mentor

Posted on Tue, Mar, 14, 2017

Tags: mentor

Mentoring can be incredibly rewarding for both the mentor and mentoree. In a successful relationship, mentors provide a safe environment for developing leadership and other professional skills, promote growth for their company, and gain personal satisfaction.

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5 Mentoring Skills All Great Mentors Possess

Posted on Thu, Feb, 23, 2017

Tags: mentoring skills

Last week, we discussed seven traits of highly successful mentoring programs. Now, let's discuss five mentoring skills that the most successful mentors possess.

 1. The ability to listen. We're talking active listening and listening without passing judgment. Too often when we listen to someone else talk, we project ourselves onto the other person: what would we do, how would we react, what would we say?

The best mentors always look at the situation from the mentoree's perspective. Getting good at this requires listening closely to what the person is saying—and isn't saying. Think nonverbal cues and subtext, which leads us to our next mentoring skill.

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7 Traits of Highly Successful Mentoring Programs

Posted on Fri, Feb, 17, 2017

Tags: Mentoring Programs

Many organizations offer mentoring programs (or some form of mentoring). While many of these programs are decent and admirable, here's the sad truth: truly successful mentoring programs—meaning ones that can sustain the success year after year—tend to be rare.

So what's the secret to creating a truly successful program? While a magic formula doesn't exist, the most successful programs tend to have these seven traits in common.

1. The most successful mentoring programs are carefully designed. A well thought out mentoring program typically enjoys great success because someone took the time to think through its set up, its objectives, and the matches between mentors and mentorees. Nothing is left to chance.

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Mentoring Goals: Examples for Inspiration

Posted on Wed, Feb, 08, 2017

Tags: mentoring goals

When mentors and mentorees begin their journey together, one of the big topics of discussion involves mentoring goals.

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National Mentoring Month: That’s a Wrap

Posted on Tue, Jan, 31, 2017

Tags: National Mentoring Month

Editor’s note: January is National Mentoring Month. All month long, we celebrated by sharing our own personal stories with mentoring. Read the essays from our team: Rene Petrin, Robyn Bradley, Joanne Wills, and Ranae Mogensen. To wrap up, we thought we’d provide some tips for mentors and mentorees—tips based on the stories our team members shared.

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My Mentor and Me: The Next Laverne & Shirley?

Posted on Tue, Jan, 24, 2017

Tags: National Mentoring Month

In honor of National Mentoring Month, I am pleased to share experiences I have had with a personal mentor of mine. My mentor takes the role of coach, confidante, teacher, cheerleader, friend and joker. Our relationship sometimes reminds me a little bit of two silly TV icons from the 70’s. You know the ones…


Robyn Bradley, who works for Management Mentors’ marketing team, unknowingly became my mentor when I was hired to work for MM six years ago. I had taken a ten-year sabbatical while raising a family. Re-entry into the work force proved that I was GREEN in so many ways. So many things in the business world had changed—namely—the web had changed EVERYTHING. While I was out attending playdates and preschool graduations, marketing folks were turning more and more to the internet to conduct business.

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How One Boss Morphed into Coach, Mentor, & Friend

Posted on Thu, Jan, 19, 2017

Tags: National Mentoring Month

Editor's note: January is National Mentoring Month. To celebrate, we're featuring our own stories and experiences with mentoring. Below is an essay from Joanne Wills, our sales manager.

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National Mentoring Month: How My Mentor Helped Me Find My Confidence

Posted on Wed, Jan, 11, 2017

Tags: National Mentoring Month

Editor's note: January is National Mentoring Month. To celebrate, we're featuring our own stories and experiences with mentoring. Below is a personal essay from Robyn Bradley, who is on our marketing team. A slightly different version of this essay appeared on her author website.

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National Mentoring Month: How My Mentor Changed My Life

Posted on Wed, Jan, 04, 2017

Tags: mentoring pairs

Editor's note: January is National Mentoring Month. To celebrate, we're featuring our own stories and experiences with mentoring. First up is a personal essay from our president and founder, Rene Petrin.

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