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Business Mentoring Link Fest: More Mentoring Articles

Posted on Mon, Oct, 17, 2016

Tags: Mentoring Resources

Here's our latest roundup of mentoring articles. (Read earlier installments here  and here.)

1. The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016. Bottom line: this survey says that it's not too late to earn Millennials' loyalty. The key? Mentoring.

Insightful quote: "Where it exists, mentoring is having a positive impact and six in 10 (61 percent) Millennials are currently benefitting from having somebody to turn to for advice, or who helps develop their leadership skills.

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How to Evaluate a Mentoring Website

Posted on Tue, Oct, 11, 2016

Tags: mentoring website

As you research mentoring software and vendors, you'll likely be visiting many websites. How can you tell the "real deal" from unreliable companies?

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What do mentors do?

Posted on Tue, Sep, 27, 2016

Have you been asked to participate as a mentor in your company’s mentoring program? Feeling a little bit apprehensive because you are not sure what a mentor actually does?

Well, we are here help you to identify what your role as a mentor would look like. Think of it this way, we often break businessprojects down in two ways: strategy and tactics. Strategic responsibilities have us thinking about the big picture, the overall grand plan or expected outcome of a project. Tactical responsibilities are the tasks that need to be done in order to complete the project—the nitty gritty, if you will.

Mentoring can be approached in much the same way. If your company has a mentoring program, it is best practice for the mentoring program manager to define the overall goal of the program (the strategy) as well as to provide the mentoring pairs with a plan for their time together (the tactics). It is also best practice for the mentoring program manager to provide training for both the mentors and the mentorees. This training would include discussions about the overall goal that the company has set in place for the mentoring program. It would also include resources to be used during mentoring sessions including discussion guides, checklists, etc.

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How to Coach Employees

Posted on Mon, Sep, 19, 2016

Tags: Mentoring vs. Coaching

Are you wondering how to coach employees in specific skill sets (e.g. using social media) or something more abstract (e.g. overall leadership)? Are you concerned about the number of coaches you'd need as well as how to match coaches to employees?

Here's something to think about before you bring in people from the outside: harness the coaching power that already exists within your workforce.

Employees are a wealth of information. This hypothetical will demonstrate my point: Terry in marketing is a social media wiz and could definitely help Carrie, the general sales manager, learn the ins and outs of Instagram and Snapchat. Joe in accounting knows Excel inside and out—he could assist Tom at the front desk. And Amanda in HR has been active in Toastmasters for over a decade. She'd love to coach the junior sales reps on their presentation skills.

OK, we know what you're thinking: sure, using existing employees as coaches sounds great, but how could a large organization, especially one with multiple locations, make such a thing a reality?

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This is What Effective Mentoring Looks Like

Posted on Mon, Sep, 12, 2016

Tags: mentoring

Effective mentoring is a two-way street, meaning that both mentor and mentoree must actively participate in the relationship to make it work. So what would an effective mentoring relationship look like? Here are some signs…

1. The mentor and mentoree look forward to their time together.

Mentoring shouldn't feel like a chore. Instead, both mentors and mentorees should look forward to meeting and discussing progress and challenges, deepening the relationship, and enjoying lighthearted moments as well (e.g. laughter, good stories).

2. The mentoree feels the transformative effect of mentoring.

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Mentoring Expert or Charlatan? Here's How to Tell.

Posted on Tue, Aug, 30, 2016

Tags: mentoring

Anyone can call him/herself a mentoring expert. Identify the real McCoy by asking these questions.

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8 Habits of a Successful Professional Mentor

Posted on Mon, Aug, 22, 2016

What makes for a successful professional mentor? While certain characteristics can—and do—vary from person to person, some are more common than others. Below is a roundup.

  1. They have a positive attitude. It's hard to be an effective mentor if you're negative or grumpy all the time. (It's hard to be an effective anything if you have a bad attitude, right?) That's not to say a mentor isn't allowed a bad day or even a bad week or month. But the best mentors will turn these challenging times into teachable moments by sharing the experience with the mentorees and explaining how they (the mentors) navigate rough waters—info that the mentorees can certainly benefit from hearing.
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7 Tips for Positive Mentoring Outcomes

Posted on Mon, Aug, 15, 2016

Tags: Benefits of Mentoring

You're getting ready to embark on a mentoring relationship. You're excited and maybe a little nervous. And you're hoping it will be a success. Here's how to make sure your mentoring experience is a positive one.

1. Take time to understand what mentoring is. The biggest mistake that new mentors and mentorees make is diving in without having any understanding of what mentoring is—and what it's not.

For example, a mentor is not someone who is going to teach you how to use a piece of software (this would be a job for a business coach). In a mentoring relationship, the mentoree always does the heavy lifting since mentoring is all about personal and professional transformation.

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[SLIDESHARE] This is NOT Your Grandmother's Mentoring Program!

Posted on Thu, Aug, 11, 2016

Tags: Millennials

If your organization finds itself with an influx of millenials then how you approach mentoring will and should be different from how you did it ten years ago. 

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5 Questions You Should Ask All Vendors about eMentoring Software

Posted on Mon, Aug, 01, 2016

Tags: Mentoring Software

Way to go! You've made the decision to invest in e-mentoring software for your business. To find out which vendor stands out, ask each one the following questions.

1. Is your software customizable? Every company has unique needs, so the solution you choose must be able to meet them. Oftentimes, this requires customization.

What to look for in an answer: Bottom line—the answer should be yes. As to degrees of customization, make sure, at the very least, you can…

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