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On September 19, 2008, BusinessWeek reported in an article called “The Global Talent Crisis” that, “Companies and countries will need more than 3.5 billion people by 2010 to fill knowledge worker positions. By 2020, that number will exceed 4 billion. Projections indicate that there will be shortages between 32 million and 39 million people to fill these positions. The U.S. will have the biggest shortfall-needing as many as an additional 14 million people.”

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  • Management Mentors releases its knowledge share solution -- Anytime Mentoring -- as a standalone product.
  • Management Mentors welcomes Metro-North to the MentoringComplete family.
  • Management Mentors releases new FREE white paper: Executive Mentoring 101.

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  • April 2011: Management Mentors welcomes two new clients to MentoringComplete: Unilever and Cricket Communications.
  • January 2011: Management Mentors celebrates 22 years in business.

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July 2007: Management Mentors Introduces Online Mentoring Training