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Management Mentors Europe

Management Mentors, Inc. is pleased to be able to service the European marketplace by joining with a colleague who has a wealth of experience in development, consulting, and mentoring. This joint venture brings Management Mentors' comprehensive mentoring products and services to Europe – products and services that are bound to meet all of your mentoring needs. With our powerful e-mentoring software, MentoringComplete, we offer a cost effective, time saving tool that helps organizations reap the benefits of mentoring.

If you are in Europe and want to bring mentoring to your organization, please contact Stephen using his contact information below.

Stephen Swinney, Management Mentors Europe

Stephen has over 39 years of business experience in the UK, Africa, and Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), and he is a Fellow of the Association of Certified Accountants (FCCA) and is also a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts (RSA).

He has been a partner in two leading international accounting firms and has provided consulting advice to a range of international and local Polish businesses, mainly working with senior executives on business strategy and organizational and people development.

In addition to developing Management Mentors in Europe, he is working with other organizations with a current focus on:

  • Sustainable development
  • Enhancing individual and team effectiveness
  • Strategic business advice and organizational development
  • Business incubation and transformation

In a mentoring capacity, he has mainly worked with members of senior management, focusing advice and support on the complex triologue between personal, role, and organizational success. Utilizing a systems focus, he is able to help people develop unique solutions to the issues they face.

What is important to him is a clear sense of purpose and a view that we need to recognize the choices we make and the implications they have. In a client context, the focus should be on delivering outcomes, not inputs and allowing the client to retain ownership of the issues they face.

Ph: +48602720112+48602720112, e-mail: ss@management-mentors.com