Our Business Mentoring Alliance in Africa

eMentoring Africa

In 2011, Management Mentors announced its alliance with eMentoring Africa (eMA), a Kenyan-based company that helps clients attract, develop, and retain quality talent. The alliance highlights the strong connection between corporate mentoring and talent development and management. eMentoring Africa heads up sales of MentoringComplete in the Africa.

About eMentoring Africa

Since 2008, eMA has been offering mentoring and professional development services to the young professionals joining the corporate world. The mission of eMA is to build a responsible society by imparting values, life-skills, integrity, and professionalism to the youth and young career professionals in Africa through mentorship.

With the current economic downturn, most organizations are faced with the challenge of getting the most out of their employees while winning their loyalty. Mentorship provides the solution. It is argued that mentorship is the most intense and critical form of leadership associated with training in any setting. It is also one of the most frequently cited components of a successful and sustainable change effort
Thus, by introducing corporate mentorship, organizations not only promote positive thinking among the new professionals, but also equip them with skills to be creative, proactive, and productive in the corporate world.  

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