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3 of Our Favorite "Other" Mentoring Services

Posted on Mon, Feb, 01, 2016

mentoring_servicesWe spend a lot of time talking about our e-mentoring software solutions, such as MentoringComplete, Precision Matching, and Anytime Mentoring. But we offer several other robust mentoring services as well. Here's the scoop:

1. On-Site Mentoring Training and Certifications.

In addition to online training through our e-learning courses, we also offer on-site training. This works especially well for organizations that are brand new to mentoring and/or are kicking off their pilot mentoring program. Typically, we'll stay for a half-day or full day and provide insight to mentors, mentorees, and program managers.

In addition to basic on-site training, we also provide on-site mentoring certification in a wide variety of areas, including the following:

  • Mentoring Program Manager (MPM)
  • Executive Mentor (EM)
  • Professional Mentor (PM)
  • Mentoring Trainer (MT)
  • Group Mentoring Program Manager (GMPM)
  • Mentoring Group Leader (MGL)

On-site mentoring certification involves more time. For example, certifying a mentoring program manager typically involves 100 contact hours between the MPM and us (although not all of it has to be in person).

You can learn more about our on-site mentoring training and certifications here.

2. Mentoring program design and implementation.

Sometimes having program software like MentoringComplete isn't enough. You actually want and need a mentoring expert to guide you through the process of designing, launching, and evaluating a mentoring program (a "soups to nuts" approach). This is another service we offer, and, again, it can be invaluable to organizations that are new to mentoring or that don't have an in-house expert (yet) who can create a program from scratch.

Learn more about this particular mentoring service here.

3. Consultations regarding existing programs.

If you currently have a mentoring program, sometimes the best thing you can do is have a second set of expert eyes review your program's nuts and bolts. The goal of these consultations is to discover what's working and what's not and suggest a strategy for building on the good things.

Note: When Management Mentors provides consultations, we’re happy to work with other mentoring experts and even other mentoring software. Our goal isn't to push our products and services, but rather to provide a fresh perspective.

As you can probably tell, we're passionate about mentoring and seeing organizations succeed with their programs since it benefits the whole as much as it benefits individuals. Learn more about our mentoring services here and contact us today if you'd like to chat.

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