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How your mentor can help when starting a new venture

Posted on Thu, Dec, 19, 2013

new business venture resized 600What if this happened to you?

You’ve been in a stagnant career for some time.  You’re at the top of your game but are feeling frustrated and unfulfilled in your work.  You have thought about starting your own business in a different field but aren’t sure if you can take the risks involved.  You’ve gone to classes on how to start your own business and you’ve done some preliminary work but you can’t seem to move any further ahead.  You know that this new venture is something you would really like to try but you are reluctant to give up the security of a good salary, important benefits and the status of a good job. So you continue to vacillate in taking action, hoping that at some point something will happen to get you to move decisively toward that new venture. You don’t know what it will take but hope that whatever it is comes along soon.

It doesn’t have to be this way. What if this is how it happened?

You’re in the final stages of having done all the necessary work prior to making the decision to go into a new venture leaving behind a lucrative and highly successful career.  To many people, leaving this behind and going into something new is viewed as risky and a little foolhardy.  They are skeptical and critical of what you are trying to do but you know that deep down they are also envious.  You, however, are ready to seize the moment because throughout this whole process you’ve had your mentor who has been extremely helpful in discussing why you want to make this move and has also assisted you in focusing on this venture and thinking it through. 

You’ve made some financial decisions based upon your mentor’s suggestions which is allowing you some security in taking this risk.  In addition, she has offered to open any doors that she can in getting you to speak to potential prospects.  It’s a scary thing to go out on your own but you know that your mentor will be there to provide support and guidance throughout the process.  Whether you succeed or fail in this venture is not as important as being willing to take the risk.  By doing so, you really are a winner.  But you might not have been here at this decisive moment had it not been for a number of people who have assisted you in growing, especially your mentor

You’ve come a long way from a the conservative risk taker to being an entrepreneur.  Is there anything you can’t do? 

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