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How does a mentor "sponsor" a mentoree?

Posted on Mon, Dec, 09, 2013

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Mentors "sponsor" a mentoree in the following ways:

  • Protect the mentoree by making certain that the mentoree has all the information, knowledge and skill needed prior to embarking on a course of action. The mentor also makes certain that any risks taken are reasonable and will not have a detrimental effect should the risk not succeed as well as expected.
  • Support the mentoree in his/her efforts to achieve mastery over specific competencies.  It is one of the most important aspects of the mentoring relationship.
  • Promote the mentoree’s good name within and outside the organization. 
  • The Mentor advocates for the mentoree’s career or personal development to the extent appropriate within the boundaries of the relationship and the climate of the organization.  Promoting the mentoree does not mean obtaining or arranging for a promotion within the organization.
  • Referral Agent for the mentoree in gaining access to the information or resources needed as part of the mentoree’s development.
  • Door Opener for the mentoree by assisting him/her in networking with appropriate individuals both within and outside the organization who can assist the mentoree in attaining his/her career development.


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