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January is National Mentoring Month

Posted on Fri, Jan, 10, 2014

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national mentoring monthThe Management Mentors blog is a vehicle to share content about the benefits of corporate mentoring. We share resources, case studies, best practices, and testimonials about the advantages that a corporate mentoring program can bring to your business. Leadership development, talent retention, diversity initiatives, and succession planning are common topics of discussion here, but we also try to create content regarding the mentoring relationship that will help mentors and mentorees get the most out of their mentoring program. 

January is National Mentoring Month. Throughout the month, we will celebrate mentors. A successful mentoring program starts with dedicated mentors. Mentoring programs often have an end goal in mind. Your business's goal may be to share knowledge across departments or channels, or maybe it's to develop talent from the youthful generation as your baby boomers are nearing retirement. Whatever your mentoring program's goal, it just wouldn't happen without mentors. 

So if you are mentor, THANK YOU! Thank you for dedicating your time, selflessly, to help someone to further their career, and in turn, benefiting your business. 

And if you know a mentor, be sure to ask them about it. Ask them why they choose to take time out of their busy lives to mentor. Over the past 25 years, so many mentors have told us they get more out of the mentoring relationship than expected...often adding that they may have benefited from the process even more than the mentoree did. 

Stay tuned to our blog during National Mentoring Month. We will share ways to celebrate mentors, testimonials, and tips for a successful mentoring relationships. In the meantime, feel free to download our white paper below, Business Mentoring Fosters Career Advancement, and share it with others who are considering getting involved in mentoring.

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