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How to lead group mentoring sessions

Posted on Mon, Jan, 20, 2014

group mentoringAlthough group mentoring is the least used form of structured mentoring, it has its place as a strategy for mentoring larger numbers of mentorees when the available pool of mentors is limited. 

There are various examples of group mentoring‚Ķfrom being a learning group or an affinity group, etc.  One model that I think works really well is to have two specified roles leading the group.

  1. The Mentoring Group Leader (MGL) is responsible for attending to group dynamics.
  2. The Mentoring Content Expert (MCE) takes responsibility for the development of the group mentorees. 

The MCE can either be a permanent member of the group or can rotate, depending on the issues being addressed. But the MGL would remain throughout the period of the group mentoring process.  In groups, it is important to have someone attend to the group dynamics and that is sometimes difficult to do if you are also the content expert, so sharing the duties with a MCE allows for someone to focus only on group dynamics.  This means that the MGL does have to have some knowledge about group dynamics.

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