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Unique Needs of Diversity Mentoring

Posted on Mon, Feb, 17, 2014

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We write often about the connection between diversity initiatives and corporate mentoring programs.

Here is what our founder, Rene Petrin, has to say about the diversity in mentoring:

“Even if a company is enlightened enough to establish a structured mentoring initiative, it may not be sensitive to the unique needs involved in diversity mentoring, such as finding diverse mentors and understanding how to navigate successfully in a majority culture. It is important, therefore, for anyone exploring a mentoring initiative to identify its goals, not only for the organization, but for the mentorees. Our approach is to respect and build upon the company’s culture and the needs of employees being mentored. A one-size-fits-all approach will fall short of achieving your goals.”—Rene Petrin, Founder & President, Management Mentors

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