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MentoringComplete: Responding to a Potential Customer's Questions

Posted on Tue, Mar, 04, 2014

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mentoring softwareWe had a potential customer ask some great questions recently about our mentoring software program, MentoringComplete. We thought his questions would make for a great blog post to share with those of you who may be interested in learning more about some of the features of an ementoring software.

Q: What browsers do you support?

A: MentoringComplete will work on all browsers. It is best viewed in Internet Explorer 7 and above. Chrome has had some minor issues reported.

Q: Can you export data from MentoringComplete

A: Yes, data can be exported from MentoringComplete using the Excel Export feature provided to the customers with client administrative access. Any additional custom requests (format or data) can be fulfilled by the back-end support team after proper authorization.

Q: Can you tell me about user level access/permission for individuals & groups.

A: The MentoringComplete application is a role based system. An individual will have one or more roles and he can access data related only to their role and to the assigned program only. They cannot access any other data.

Q: In the event of disaster recovery, how is data backed up?

A: We have scheduled backup jobs for data which is maintained by our hosting provider. In case of a disaster, data will be restored from the backup.

Q: When will MentoringComplete be compatible with mobile devices? 

A: We are currently in the process of upgrading MentoringComplete to make it compatible on all tablets and phones by the end of this year.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the number of users in relation to the performance of MentoringComplete? For example, if a customer had 20,000 users, would you see any compromise in performance?

A: No, large numbers of users does not affect performance. 

Q: Can you tell me about the history of MentoringComplete.

A: MentoringComplete was launched in 2008. You can read more by checking out this press release.

Q: Can you tell me about the technical support and customer service provided with MentoringComplete?

A: Email and phone support for all technical and customer service needs is provided. The technical and customer service team are accessible and highly responsive, and are committed to resolving any issues that may arise. Learn more here

We hope you found this information valuable. For additional frequently asked questions, please check out our FAQ page. We also have a free white paper on frequent business mentoring questions. Click the button below to access that paper.
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