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What is involved in implementing a mentoring program?

Posted on Thu, May, 15, 2014

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mentoring softwareWhen licensing an online mentoring system, there will be an implementation process. This process could potentially be lengthy and complicated depending on the complexity of the program AND depending on the vendor you choose. In our experience, however, the process should be simple and brief.

For Management Mentors’ online mentoring software, MentoringComplete, two things need to happen to implement a mentoring program:

1.)  Using a client data sheet, the client provides all the information necessary to create their mentoring system. This can take a few days to up to a week or two.

2.)  We then orient the Mentoring Program Manager on how to use the system to edit and adapt two items:

  • The program descriptor which describes their program; and
  • The client’s matching form

*These two steps take us no more than 24-48 hours.


One question that comes up often is "What is IT’s involvement in implementation?"

In our case, very little. The client simply has to approve access to our website from the company’s servers and allow emails to come from support into the company’s servers. 

Depending on the turn around time by the client, the process for implementing our system can be as quick as 1-2 weeks. The client can be ready to actually launch the program within 1-2 weeks!


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