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Is your mentoring program "Mentoring Lite?"

Posted on Tue, Jul, 01, 2014

mentoring resourcesIn my conversations with potential customers, I often come across what I would call, "Mentoring Lite" (ML). This is a company with an existing mentoring program that wants to get the most out of mentoring but is putting in the least amount of structure and support to get a return on their investment.  The way you can tell if you have a ML program is to consider the following:

1. There is no internal Mentoring Program Manager to support or hold the pairs accountable. 

A Mentoring Program Manager is not a full time job and, if structure properly, does not take a great deal of time.

2. There is no mentoring training of either partner on understanding what a mentoring relationship is all about or, only one partner has been trained (which is not very helpful for the overall program). 

Mentoring is frequently confused with coaching or with managing. Without proper training people are probably doing what they know: coaching and managing.

3. The expected outcomes of mentoring are not clearly articulated.  In other words, "what are we supposed to be working on together?"

Setting a goal for mentoring pairs and a mentoring program as a whole will ultimately lead to successful mentoring relationships.

    So do a quick review of your existing program, is it Mentoring Lite? If so, there are some quick and easy solutions that you can implement which will beef up your program and help you to get the most out of it. Check out our free resources below.


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