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Mentoring Resources: Our Team Picks Their Favorites

Posted on Tue, Jul, 08, 2014

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We have been told over and over again that our website is chock full of content....really, really good content. We have an amazing marketing team that just keeps cranking this stuff out. Mentoring white papers, eBooks, podcasts, blog posts...We love to share what we know about mentoring and hope that by producing truly relevent content that our audience finds useful, it will keep y'all coming back for more. No hidden agendas. No jokes. No BS. Our goal is to make sure that when you need information about mentoring and all things employee development related, you will come to our mentoring website.

In this post, our team picks their favorite mentoring resources that can be found on our site. Here they are in no particular order (except for the fact that the boss's favorite pick is first. Job security, duh!):


corporate mentoring specialistRene (the mentoring expert a.k.a. the boss):

An eBook: Mentoring: A Business Strategy That Works

Of course Rene had a tough time choosing his favorite Management Mentors' resource. He wouldn't publish anything with his name on it unless he felt it was perfect. Now, if we asked him to name his favorite employee, maybe he'd have an easier time answering that question. Rene?

But Rene did choose his favorite. We have a variety of mentoring eBooks, but Mentoring: A Business Strategy That Works, was his first and is his favorite. There are many corporate mentoring vendors out there that have beautiful websites with lots of fluffy content, but we try to offer more. By writing mentoring eBooks, Rene's goal is to provide the reader with as much information as possible so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not a corporate mentoring program is right for their business.


mentoring trainingJoanne (the sales aficionado, ahem, relationship builder):

Management Mentors' Online Mentoring Training Courses

If there's one thing that Joanne is passionate about, it's building strong client relationships. Another thing she's passionate about? Management Mentors' online training courses! Joanne is on the phone every day with prospects and customers alike and she gets amazing feedback about our online mentoring courses. Joanne says: "These courses are great for the Program Manager, Mentor & Mentorees.  Customers rave about them  - excellent content for very short money, and you even get a certificate when you complete each course!"


mentoring white paperSusan (the marketing guru and super "smaht" Bostonian):

A white paper: Mentoring Challenges: Getting Buy-In From the C-Suite

Management Mentors now has quite a collection of white papers/thought papers. We are constantly keeping a pulse on the industry and identifying pain points so that our website can continue to assist those in need of resources surrounding employee development goals. We have so many white papers ranging from Talent Development, Knowledge Sharing, and Benefits of an Online Mentoring Program, that it was hard for Susan to pick just one. But since we pressured her, she finally broke down and said it would have to be our most recent white paper "Mentoring Challenges: How to Get Buy-In From the C-Suite."

Susan said "Many of the human resources folks that we talk to know that their organization could benefit from an employee mentoring program, but aren't sure about how to make a compelling argument and present their proposal to the C-Suite. This white paper will walk you though how to do just that, as well as help you to further identify exactly what mentoring model is right for your organization."


mentoring best practicesRobyn (the marketing writer, ninja novelist and George Clooney lover)

Business Mentoring Podcasts

Robyn is the woman behind the curtain, truly! She has her hands in every single piece of content written for Management Mentors, from the white papers to the eBooks and the content on the website. Aah, but her talents extend far beyond writing. So what does she choose as her favorite Management Mentors' resource? The podcasts of course! When I asked her why, here's what she had to say:

“My background is in radio broadcasting, so it’s no wonder that my pick is our extensive podcast library. Each podcast is a bite-sized (or ear-sized) nugget of info related to mentoring. People like learning about things in different ways—some prefer text, others visuals, and still others—audio. Our podcasts cater to that last group (and more). Definitely check them out.”


business mentoring blogRanae (the marketing coordinator/social media hoverer)

A blog post: Getting Real About Mentoring and ROI

There was no way I wasn't going to pick a blog post as my favorite mentoring resource! I mean, it's my bread and butter here at Management Mentors. Although I write many of the posts for MM, it truly is a collaborative effort. Our marketing agency provides us with quarterly blog content ideas, and Rene and I collaborate together to write posts that we feel are fresh and current and will resonate with our audience. Getting Real About Mentoring and ROI was a post that Rene and I brainstormed together as a result of seeing some online chatter about this subject. We try to use the Management Mentors' blog, Business Mentoring Matters, not only to share Rene's mentoring knowledge, but also to delve into pain points that organizations may be experiencing. And we don't know of a single organization that doesn't ask the question....."What's the ROI?"

So there, you have it.. Our staff picks their favorite mentoring resources (so far!). And if that isn't enough for you, we have more....lots more! Check out additional resources by clicking the buttons below.

How about you? Do you have a favorite Managmenet Mentors' mentoring resource? We'd love to hear from you!


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