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How Mentorship Programs Have Changed Over 25 Years

Posted on Tue, Feb, 17, 2015

In reality, the dynamics of mentoring have really not changed in 25 years. The dynamics of the relationship continue to involve establishing a trusting relationship between the two partners.

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What has changed over the last 25 years in regards to mentorship programs is the added value of technology to assist in matching and in communicating.

  • In the area of interaction, the use of video conferencing using technologies like Skype and Facetime have made it possible for people across the world to be able to mentor each other at a minimal cost. This technology has helped to promote mentoring globalization, and the breaking down of barriers in large companies that have employees located throughout the world. 


As technologies continue to develop, they will impact mentoring, but what will remain the same are the basic dynamics of a mentoring relationship and its ability to transform participants as a result.

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