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How Your Hiring Manager Should Talk Up the Company Mentoring Program

Posted on Tue, Feb, 24, 2015

company mentoring programMentoring is one of the more sought after benefits that prospective employees are seeking. Due to the overwhelming success of mentoring, prospective employees are very much aware of the value of having a mentor and are seeking companies that support that kind of career development.

Given two comparable job offers, if there is a mentoring program in place at one company, chances are that the prospective employee is likely to select that position. But how will she know about the program and how it will benefit her? All hiring managers should be promoting the company mentoring program as much as possible. Here's how:

Do more than just pass out brochures.

Speak passionately about the mentoring program in front of prospective employee during interview process.

Cite examples or provide a summary of a result of a given program.

This provides concrete evidence of how valuable a mentoring program is as an employee benefit.

Make it personal.

This is going to be a journey for this new hire. Let her know that the company is invested in its employees very concretely and this mentoring program is as much about her future as it is the company’s.

There is nothing more powerful than to tell an employee that someone within the organization will take a personal interest in her career development by being her mentor. So talk up your company mentoring program during the interview process!


Here's a free white paper that may help:

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