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Mentoring Program Managers: Conduct quarterly check-in meetings

Posted on Tue, Mar, 24, 2015

One of the activities we conduct when working with a Mentoring Program Manager (MPM) is to have quarterly meetings with the mentoring pairs.

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General structure for a quarterly check-in meeting between mentoring program managers and mentoring participants

Conduct a one-hour session with the mentors and a separate one-hour session with the mentorees

1. State the purpose of the meeting

o   Feedback on how the relationship is working
o   Share one objective working on
o   General feedback

2. State the ground rules of the meeting

o   It's a confidential meeting so what we say here stays here
o   If I ask a question that you are not comfortable answering, then just ask me to pass to the next person
o   At the end of the quarterly meetings, we will provide a summary of comments from both groups but will not identify anyone

3. The meeting begins

Begin the meeting by telling participants that you would like to hear from everyone and go around the room and ask for answers to the following questions:

o  Who is your partner?
o  How often are you meeting and, on average, how long do you meet for?
o  What is the one objective you can share that you're working on and how is that going?
o  How is the relationship working for you at this time?

4. Once every participant has reported in...

o  Ask follow-up questions based upon the feedback received
o  Provide suggestions on any areas needing attention

5. Ending the meeting

o  Thank everyone for their feedback
o  Remind them of the next meeting date
o  Remind them that they will get a summary as indicated earlier

The feedback you receive at such meetings allows the MPM to have a greater sense of what's working and what's not and also see if there are common themes. It also allows peers to mentor and assist each other in their respective role as either mentor or mentoree.

We hope that you will find this agenda for quarertly check-in meetings for Mentoring Program Managers useful. You may also be interested in learning more about our Mentoring Certification. Click the buttons below for more information:

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