Business Mentoring Matters

Engaging Employees in Touch Economic Times

Posted on Mon, Mar, 23, 2009


In these tough economic times, many employees are feeling overworked and under-appreciated, and everyone has a fear of what tomorrow may bring. So how can you be positive and create an atmosphere that will build commitment and engagement? 

One of the most effective ways of engaging employees is by implementing a one mentor to one mentoree mentoring program. Having a company mentor take a personal interest in me as an employee of the company can help me to cope with the additional stress caused by layoffs or cost cutting and can ensure that I still have a future with the company once the good times return. Mentoring is a low cost, high return investment and its value is critical in today's economic downturn.

How are you ensuring that your employees continue to contribute to the bottom line to keep you ahead of the competition? Please post your ideas/methods in the comments.

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