Business Mentoring Matters

Why Mentoring? Well, We All Need Help!

Posted on Fri, Mar, 27, 2009


In a down economy, people become afraid and wary and, as a result, they often resort to behaviors that fuel the fear. In these times, people need more emotional support to carry on and maintain a sense of hope in the future.

Are your employees any different? 

An encouraging word or a reassurance at this time can have a powerful effect on morale and productivity. Look at what happened two weeks ago when Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke on 60 minutes and the stock market went up another 100 points on Monday morning. How powerful an encouraging word can be!

So who is being encouraging in your organization? What if you had a mentoring program that provided trusted advisors--i.e. mentors--to your employees--mentors who could share your employees' anxieties but also reassure them that your company is concerned about them and is there for the long run? Your company's mentors can be your front line in keeping your employees engaged and positive, thus leading to a better work environment for everyone and a better chance of reaping the profits when the good times return.

Have you spoken to your mentor today? What ways have mentors encouraged you during tough times? We welcome your comments.

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