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Facebook Brings In A Mentoree To Their Company

Posted on Wed, Apr, 01, 2009


Just recently, Facebook, social networking website, hired Sheryl Sandberg as Chief Operating Officer.  Her job is to do what she did for Google, "Find a way to turn a cool platform into a secure-fire moneymaker."  As Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google, she ran its lucrative AdWords program.  This program allows marketers to buy advertising adjacent to relevant Google searches.  While many executives recognize her name by her work at Google, only a few of them know that she spent much of her career working in policy.  Sheryl has worked alongside Larry Summers, head of White House's National Economic Council.  She first met Larry when she took one of his economic courses at Harvard University.  He became her thesis advisor and hired her to work with him at World Bank after she graduated.  Later, she worked with him on several other critical projects that gained her a reputation for her intellect and her ability to manage personal relationships.  Larry was quoted saying, "She never let an event go without a resolution.  It made my job easier, and it also made me perform better." 

As you can see, when you're a mentor, you just never know what impact you'll have on your mentoree.  Did Larry Summers know he'd be mentoring the future CEO of Google and Facebook?  No.  But it goes to show the power that mentoring has.

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