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Is Corporate Mentoring Worth It?

Posted on Mon, Apr, 27, 2009


As a consultant I often get asked about demonstrating the value of mentoring.  The survey below is another example of results that are typically demonstrated when a well-designed mentoring program is implemented.

What value does the company receive from its mentoring program?

Results of HR Executive's October 2002 survey - "Workplace Mentoring"


What is often overlooked by these surveys is the fact that the financial investment in mentoring is very low cost given its benefits.  For example, if you take the Higher retention statistic of 58% and factor a turnover costs of between $10,000-$40,000 per employee, you can see the value of retention through mentoring.  A company can recoup its investment in creating a mentoring program by retaining 1-4 employees.  Isn't it time you gained he benefits of lowering your turnover costs through mentoring?

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