Business Mentoring Matters


Posted on Mon, May, 04, 2009


Recently, Fortune Magazine listed their famous 100 Best Companies To Work For.  Among that list, many of those organizations choose to offer valuable training resources, such as mentoring, cross training and shadowing, to their employees. These companies choose to develop and offer these opportunities to their employees as a way for them to share the knowledge between senior employees and those entering a new job or looking to move up the corporate ladder.  The leaders and managers at these companies provide the support, dedication and resources that each individual needs to develop the skills needed to encourage them to continue to learn and develop new ideas.  In turn, the company is gaining positive employees that are motivated and committed to their jobs. 

At Management Mentors, we can assist you in developing mentoring programs.  Feel free to give us a call or send us an email to learn how to get started.

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