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Nordstrom Values Mentoring Programs

Posted on Wed, May, 06, 2009

Nordstrom retail establishment was among Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For.  They have been on the list now for 25 years.  They pride themselves with hiring people to be nice to people.  These employees are given tools, resources and support to be able to accomplish their goal of outstanding customer service.  Managers are trained in behavior interviewing techniques to help create interview experiences that give them an understanding of a person's character and demeanor.  Nordstrom focuses on hiring people for the long term and believes in hiring with in.  That is why they are particular when it comes to hiring outstanding people.  Mentoring is a top priority in the company because it helps new hires in the transition of Nordstrom's culture which allows them to become very successful employees.  Continuous mentoring and coaching are provided to support the employees in their professional growth and development.  Two structured mentoring programs that they are recognized for is Nordstrom Future Leaders and the New Manager Development program.  These programs are said to help the employees learn more through examples and lessons of mentoring than they do in formal training.  

At Nordstrom's, you will also find senior leaders traveling all over the country to speak to their employees, to inspire the employees, and to share with them concerns that the company may be having.  This approach has reminded employees that Nordstrom is all about customer service and the line of communication is always open. 

Please feel free to share with us what type of programs you are using at your organization.

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