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Good Rules For Mentors To Follow

Posted on Wed, Jun, 10, 2009

Being a mentor is a very important job.   As a mentor you are looked up to and often feel the pressure to make sure you do not let down your mentoree.  Several things to consider when mentoring someone are:


  1. Try to look at things positively.  You are there to encourage your mentoree to do a good job so it is important not to let them see you being negative.  Being positive helps the mentor to be comfortable and able to concentrate on what you are presenting to them.


  1. Have a written agenda or outline for your meeting.  It is ok for you and your mentoree to get side tracked but it is important to make sure that the mentoree leaves with a feeling of accomplishment.  Therefore, having a written agenda or outline for your meeting will help you keep on track.


  1. Make sure to ask lots of questions.  As a mentor you want to make sure that you really understand what the concerns of the mentoree.


  1. Listen to the mentoree.  It is important to really listen to what the mentoree is saying or asking.  You want them to feel that you are giving them your undivided attention.  A good suggestion is to make sure you are not going to be interrupted during your meeting and remember to turn off your cell phone!


  1. Always be honest with your mentoree.  It is important that your mentoree feels comfortable and senses that you are being sincere with them.  This helps you to gain their trust and in turn it will enable you both to have an open relationship.


  1. End your meeting on a positive note.  There may be times that you and your mentoree may not see eye to eye.  But it is important to make sure that the mentoree leaves feeling good about themselves and also with the desire to meet again.



Do you have an agenda planned for your next meeting?

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