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Bill Gates & His Mentors

Posted on Mon, Jun, 29, 2009

Bill Gates is an individual that many people in the business community admire.  Not only is he admired for his development of one of the largest organizations in the world, but also for being a philanthropist.  Bill attains all of his savvy skills from the upbringing his parents gave him.  In the early years, his parents encouraged him to participate in sports that he was not good at.  He thought it was pointless and at times didn’t agree with them; however, today Bill see’s that his parents were just trying to get him exposed to different kinds of leadership opportunities.  Bill also thinks that his family traditions made an impact on who he is today.  During that time, it gave Bill the opportunity to speak to his parents about what he was doing and to also take note of what his parents were up to.  During this time, Bill learned from his parents that volunteering was a great way to serve our country.  Throughout the years, Bill continues to go back to his parents for advice on his business affairs as well as his personal life.  Through his experiences we can see that a mentor can sometimes be someone very close to you.


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