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Mentoring Tips: Changes Can Be Beneficial

Posted on Wed, Jul, 08, 2009

In a recent article in Fortune Magazine, Julian Robertson, founder of Tiger Management, indicated that the best advice he ever received came from his sister.  She told him one evening after a gathering, “You are becoming a business bore.  No one is interested in talking all night long about stocks.  Quit being a business bore.”  At first Julian did not want to accept this critique, but soon after he realized that it was true.  He found that after he stopped being a “business bore” and found other topics to talk about, he noticed that people were coming to him for advice.  This was a pleasant surprise to him since he was just starting out to become a broker and needed to acquire new clients. So the next time your mentor suggests that you should try to change something about yourself, or try something new, consider the possibility first before you disregard the mentoring tips all together.



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