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Mentoring In An Educational Setting

Posted on Mon, Aug, 10, 2009

As I stroll through town watching all of the tourists shopping and visiting the nearby attractions, it is not the happy children jumping for joy that catches my eye, nor is it the sailboats sailing in the tranquil waters but that very familiar big yellow bus that drives by that captures my attention.  That big yellow bus, the local school bus, is a reminder that those lazy days of summer is about to end soon and all of the children, teachers and administrators will be back to work very shortly.  That thought reminds me of the important role that a mentoring program plays in an educational setting.  Educational Mentoring Programs are a great way to provide professional development to your employees.  It is a great way to encourage both new and established teachers and faculty the development needed to create schools that are structured for student and teacher success.  If schools are able to improve teaching, then they are able to improve student learning.  Therefore, it is essential for teachers and faculties to not only go to workshops, but to also collaborate with another individual, such as a mentor, to guide them in a way that will be supportive, informational and beneficial to everyone involved.  To learn more on how we can set up a mentoring program for your school, please click here.


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