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Ted Kennedy As A Mentor

Posted on Mon, Aug, 31, 2009

Senator Ted Kennedy will be remembered for many things he did throughout his life.  However, one of the most important attributes that he will be remembered for is being a great mentor.  Ted Kennedy was a mentor to high profile politicians such as President Obama when he was a Senator and also to our current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton when she was a Senator as well.  As a mentor, he was generous with his time and influence.  With his leadership, these two individuals were able to cultivate their skills and talents and have achieved a successful political career that is admired by many.  Ted Kennedy’s mentoring abilities is a great influence to everyone even if you did not agree with his political stance. 


Who are you currently mentoring?  Where will your mentorees be in the next 2-6 years?   Remember, one day they may be thanking you!   

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