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When should a Mentor Push a Mentoree?

Posted on Fri, Sep, 04, 2009

At a recent meeting of mentors to discuss how relationships were progressing, one asked me the following question: “My mentoree seems to act as though she has reached a plateau but I think she can accomplish more but not sure how much I should push her?” My response: “A mentor pushes and a mentoree chooses!” If a mentor feels that the mentoree is at a plateau, this is important information that should be shared with the mentoree. One can say something like: “I’m wondering if you can accomplish more here? Are you willing to stretch yourself a little with my help?” These words are simply suggestions. What is important is for a mentor to share his/her thoughts about seeing potential and then understanding that it’s up to the mentoree to choose whether to explore further growth or not. Sometimes mentors confuse the process of sharing and suggesting with needing to have the mentoree comply with the vision shared. It’s important for mentors to remember that they facilitate development and that the mentoree is the one responsible for developing.

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