Business Mentoring Matters

Interaction Among Different Departments

Posted on Mon, Sep, 21, 2009

When a mentoree is looking to be paired with a mentor, the first thing that usually occurs to most of them is to be placed with a mentor in their department.  Someone familiar, someone they may interact with daily, or just a friend.  While that can be an option, it is beneficial to consider pairing your mentoree with a mentor from a different department.   Not only can you find someone that will be compatible, but you will also foster the opportunity for each participant to learn more about not only the other person, but the role that each one plays in the organization and in their corresponding departments.  That connection enables each person to understand the importance each department plays within the organization.  Thus, being a valuable experience for both parties involved.


Who are you pairing you mentorees with?  Have you considered mentoring among different departments?  Not sure where to start?  Contact us today and we will be happy to offer you a complimentary one-hour, no obligation, consultation to get you started.

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