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5 Qualities Of A Good Mentor

Posted on Wed, Sep, 30, 2009

There are many qualities needed to be a good mentor.  However, there is a few that stands out that I would like to share with you.  They are:


  1. Meet Regularly – If you don’t set aside the time to meet on a regular basis, you can almost be sure that your mentoring relationship will not blossom. 
  2. Have An Open Door Policy – Having an open door policy will give your mentoree the feeling that they are important and that they can count on you.  Some mentors shy away from this because they are worried that their mentoree will be visiting every other day.  However, just like themselves, mentorees also have a full work load to attend to.  Still worried?  Then make sure to offer the open door policy with a few restrictions.
  3. Provide Your Goals And The Company Goals – Mentors will probably be given a list of company goals that they need to accomplish for the mentoring program, however, once you sit down with your mentoree, it would be a good idea to set some personal goals as well.  Each individual is different, so it is important to have realistic goals that can be easily attained.
  4. Share Your Passion – It is important for your mentoree to see the passion that you have for your position in the company.  You want them to see that it is acceptable to be enthusiastic about your achievements.  It will help them strive to work harder to attain their goals.
  5. Introduce Your Mentoree To Your Network – Introducing your mentoree to your network will be beneficial to them because it gives them the opportunity to interact with a different level of employees that can share additional experiences that the mentoree may be able to relate to.  It also gives the mentoree a sense of inclusion among you and your colleagues. 
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