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Mentoring Tips: Determination Is The Key To Success

Posted on Mon, Oct, 19, 2009

Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, attributes his success to his determination to finding a way to work for the NFL.  After graduating from college, he wrote letters to the league office and to every team in the USA seeking employment.  His love of sports, especially football, helped him to be persistent and to never give up.  Eventually, the NFL hired him as an intern and gave him an annual salary of a little over $10,000.  It was not much, but the opportunity to be a part of the NFL was what he always dreamed of. 

During his employment with the NFL, Roger had a variety of different positions.  However, the most defining portion of his emerging career was in 1987 when he was a mentoree of previous Commissioner of the NFL, Paul Tagliabue.  While working with Paul Tagliabue, Roger contributed to a variety of football related and operations related roles.  Paul Tagliabue was able to prepare him for future opportunities including the vacancy of his own position as Commissioner of the NFL after he retired in 2006.  However, It was not a position that was just handed over to Roger; it was a decision that was made by the NFL owners.   It is certain, that many of the owners found Roger to be an asset to the NFL considering that he a great mentor to learn from.  Therefore, we can see that determination is the key to success.  If you don’t already have a mentor, go seek one out today!

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