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Women Mentor Male Bosses At Dell

Posted on Mon, Nov, 16, 2009

A new mentoring program that Dell has implemented overseas is part of a project that Dell has designed to get more women into top positions in their company.  Senior male employees at Dell are being mentored by middle-management female colleagues in a revolutionary move aimed at focusing on the problems women face in the workforce and helping them to move up the ladder to executive levels within the organization.  Ingrid Devin, Dell’s Diversity Manger for the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region indicated: “The feedback from the men was great.  They realized that they have a lot to learn about the challenges that women face in the workplace, especially learning how to do the ‘right thing’.”   This mentoring scheme is just a part of a larger project that Dell has embraced and is finding it to be of great value to them.  To start a mentoring program at your organization, contact us today for a complementary consultation with one of our mentoring experts. 

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