Business Mentoring Matters

How Does Mentoring Help An Organization Grow?

Posted on Wed, Nov, 18, 2009

Mentoring helps organizations grow by planning for the future, helping employees transmit their knowledge to one another, and by planning for succession.  Mentoring also promotes organizational growth by establishing and strengthening networking and communication among employees.  


When organizations begin to cut their budgets, often, training and/or organizational development is one of the places where elimination beings.  However, it should be noted that mentoring, which generally falls under one of the two departments, has been proven to strengthen organizational goals.  So the next time the budget rolls around, make sure to voice your opinion on how mentoring can be an asset to your organizational growth.  Need help on preparing your strategy to begin or continue with a mentoring program?  Give us a call to get some new ideas on how mentoring can be beneficial to your organization. 

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