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Procter & Gamble’s Transition From One Great CEO To The Next

Posted on Fri, Dec, 11, 2009

Proctor & Gamble is well known in the industry for its strong beliefs and success with their strategically designed succession planning, mentoring and leadership development initiatives.  In June 2009, CEO A.G. Lafley stepped down as CEO turning the reins over to long time employee of P&G, Robert McDonald.  A.G. Lafley mentored Robert for many years with the contemplation of Robert becoming a CEO candidate for the future.  In 2002, A.G. Lafley announced a formal leadership development program for new general managers and, later, for more experienced managers, and chose Robert to lead.  A.G. Lafley later set up an executive group which again he brought in Robert to participate alongside additional high potential employees that were contenders for the position of CEO.  On June 9, 2009, the board at P&G unanimously elected Robert as the new CEO after an all-day meeting.  A.G. Lafley is still working at the company as executive chairman and offering advice to P&G.  However, Robert doesn’t look at him being around as a threat but instead he is very thankful for the opportunity he has been given.  He is also grateful for the opportunity to continue working with A.G. Lafley, and has been quoted saying “A.G. is a giant, and I am thrilled to stand on his shoulders.”   


As you can see, mentoring does work if it is designed specifically for your organization.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can tailor a mentoring program to your specific needs and see how it can help your company retain employees and create a more precise leadership development initiative.

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