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Understanding Formal & Informal Mentoring

Posted on Mon, Jan, 11, 2010

It's important to understand the difference between formal and informal mentoring. Why? Because different mentoring processes require different strategies and include different benchmarks and goals.

Formal mentoring programs include:

  • Connection to a strategic business objective of the organization
  • Established goals
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Open access for all who qualify
  • Strategic pairing of mentors and mentorees
  • Mentoring engagements lasting 9-12 months
  • Expert training and support
  • Direct organizational benefits

Informal mentoring programs include:

  • Unspecified goals
  • Unknown outcomes
  • Limited access to the program
  • Self-selection of mentors and mentorees
  • Long-term mentoring
  • No expert training or support
  • Indirect organizational benefits

Formal mentoring, when combined with mentoring training, provides the most effective professional development program available. Learn how your organization can benefit from a formal mentoring program. Call us at 617-789-4622 or contact us today.

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