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Olympians Have Mentors Too!

Posted on Fri, Feb, 12, 2010

This evening kicks off the start of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.  Many people from around the world will tune in to see the highly anticipated, striking and spectacular opening ceremony.  Following tonight’s grand opening, the next several weeks will be filled with lots of excitement as the athletes compete in many different winter sports anticipating to bring home a gold medal or two.  Many will shine while others will walk away empty handed, but one thing is for sure: their hard work brought them to the Olympics which is an honor on its own.  Many will contribute their success to their rigorous practice routines, while others will agree with them, but will also acknowledge their success from the encouragement and wisdom shared by their mentors.   Here are a few athletes to watch during the games and their mentor who has helped them along the way:


  • Lindsey Vonn who will compete in Alpine Skiing looks up to her mentor, Olympian Picabo Street.
  • Rachael Flatt who will compete in Ladies Figure Skating looks up to her friend and mentor, Olympian Dorothy Hamill.
  • Mirai Nagasu who will also compete in Ladies Figure Skating looks up to her coach, Charlene Wong as her mentor.
  • Apolo Anton Ohno who will compete in Short Track Speed Skating looks up to his father, as he usually calls him Big Poppa, as his mentor.
  • Shaun White who will compete in Snowboarding looks up to his mentor, Professional Skateboarder Tony Hawk.
  • Tim Thomas who will be goaltender for the USA Ice Hockey Team looks up to his mentor, Boston Bruins Goaltender Coach Bob Essensa.

While these are just a few athletes from the USA, there are many more to watch and cheer for during these exciting times…each one with a mentor that has helped them some where along the way to the Olympics.  So while you sit back and enjoy the games, keep in the back of your mind that a mentor has helped each one along the way and so the next time you are asked to participate in a mentoring program instead of looking at it as another duty to add to your list, look at it as a great way to share your wisdom.  You never know, you just might be mentoring the next Olympian! 


Let The Games Begin! 

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