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American Idol Brings Mentors To The Show

Posted on Wed, Mar, 24, 2010

Billboard No. 1 Hits-themed show, American Idol, was viewed last night by 22.9 million viewers.  Starting this week, each show will have a new theme and a new mentor to help enhance the performances of the remaining contestants. The top 11 finalists prepared for last nights performance with Miley Cyrus as a surprise guest mentor.  Miley, the youngest-ever multi-platinum artist to have four No. 1 albums in less than three years assisted them with their presence, presentation and musical performance.  American Idol’s executive producer, Ken Warwick, indicated: “Miley brought an amazing, youthful energy while working with the Idol contestants this past weekend. Her experience in the music industry and her advice in handling fame at a young age proved invaluable.  All of our contestants use what they learn from the mentors each week to carve their own path in the competition, and Miley was no exception to this.”  To the surprise of many people, it was confirmed that age does not determine if a person is suited to be a mentor.   A mentor, regardless of their age, is an individual with immense knowledge of a particular subject that will advise, teach, develop, and challenge another individual in order to help them succeed.    

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