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Disney Provides Mentoring To Young Stars

Posted on Fri, Apr, 02, 2010

Disney has been known to provide inspiration, guidance, leadership and act as a mentor to young talent since the debut of The Mickey Mouse Club in 1955 starring Annette Funicello.  The Mickey Mouse Club was the stepping stone to the empire that Disney has created with their multi-media productions.  Today, these young artists can be found on TV, Hollywood films, and even performing at rock concerts. Disney is known for selecting talented youths and educating, developing, mentoring and inspiring them to reach for the stars and to continue beyond their young years.  Past and present Disney stars have continued their careers as adult actors, musicians, mentors and even fashion designers. There is no limit to the opportunities available to these young stars.  Just recently, we saw Miley Cyrus mentoring on American Idol. That same week, American Idol also had Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, from The Jonas Brothers, as guest stars to perform on the show.  Their newest apprentice is Selena Gomez who has already stared in the Disney TV show, The Wizard of Waverly Place, and in a few well known movies as well.  She can be seen in marketing ads all around the world, and has recently released her first album.  If that is not sufficient to keep her occupied, later this year she will be joining forces with Kmart to produce “Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez”, a budget-friendly junior’s fashion line.  The collection, which is described as “preppy collegiate” and “boho chic”, will include apparel, handbags, belts, scarves, hosiery, hats and hair accessories. A few months after the initial debut, footwear will also be added to her fashion collection.  As we can see, Disney repeatedly demonstrates to work closely with their employees and produce many prominent young adults.  Kudos to Disney for providing superior mentoring resources and creating new talent for the younger generation!

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