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Take Your Corporate Mentoring Program Global

Posted on Fri, Apr, 09, 2010

There are many organizations that have offices all over the globe.  While this has been a common practice for years, a handful of these organizations have discovered the challenges in incorporating a mentoring program that extends to their global offices.  For that reason they have chosen to exclude their global employees from participating in a corporate mentoring program.  In turn, this decision has been found to affect the organization by reducing the opportunity to develop some of their employees to their full potential.  By proving a global mentoring program, it will not only help you develop your employees, but it will also help your organization with leadership development, as well as talent retention.  Our corporate mentoring software, MentoringComplete, can assist you in bringing together ALL of your employees under one roof.  Whether you are planning on providing one unified mentoring program to all of your employees, or several different mentoring programs throughout your organization, MentoringCompletecan handle all of them in a very simplistic approach.  To find out how we can make it simple for you to achieve your global mentoring initiatives, click here to contact us and we will give you a personalized demo of how MentoringCompletewill complement your current program.  At the same time, we will offer you a complementary consultation to discuss your needs and offer you suggestions on how to enhance your mentoring initiatives.  If you do not have a program, but are thinking of starting one, we can also guide you in the right direction.  We hope to hear from you soon!  

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