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How to Recruit Mentors?

Posted on Mon, Mar, 04, 2013

I often get asked: "How do you recruit mentors?". As a mentoring specialist who has been involved in creating programs for 22 years, I have found that the best approach is often the personal one.  Most companies send invitations or do informational seminars and many will respond but that may still leave you short of available mentors for matching purposes. In some cases, actually asking someone to serve or having a mentoree that you feel would be perfect for that mentor is another way of recruiting.  Mentors will often respond positively if told that "John or Jane, I have a mentoree who really would benefit greatly from your experience and expertise.  Would you be willing to serve as a mentor?".


The biggest objection mentors have is the concern about the time commitment involved in mentoring. Therefore, another way to make your recruiting campaign for mentors successful is to specify upfront what commitment is expected.  The golden standard is meeting twice a month for one to one and a half hours for each meeting.  By being specific, you provide important information that makes the possibility of mentoring more attractive to a mentor.

Below are two free white papers that may help. The first, 5 Ways Business Mentoring Can Help Your Company, explains how mentoring:

  • Enhances strategic business initiatives
  • Encourages retention
  • Reduces turnover costs
  • Improves productivity
  • Enhances professional development
  • Links employees with valuable knowledge and information to other employees in need of such information
  • Using your own employees, instead of outside consultants, as internal experts for professional development
The second white paper, Business Mentoring Fosters Career Advancementis the perfect guide for organizations (and people!) needing persuasive evidence that formal mentoring is the way to go...and for getting "buy-in" from the organization's decision makers and potential mentors, mentorees, and program managers.

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