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Attracting Top Talent Through Corporate Mentoring

Posted on Wed, Jun, 30, 2010

Competition for highly skilled employees is becoming a greater challenge. Prospective employees conduct more sophisticated job searches and are likely to ask more critical questions to assess what they will gain both short-term and long-term in working for your company. Offering a planned approach to their career development, such as a corporate mentoring program, has become a "must-have" for organizations that want to attract talent.

Mentoring has a powerful attraction for prospective employees. In career development surveys, mentoring continues to be cited as an important strategy. When marketing to prospective employees, advertising that you have a professional and effective mentoring program can be a significant differentiator between you and your competitors.

With Management Mentors' mentoring programs and mentoring certification, you can demonstrate your commitment to developing your employees by advertising that yours is a certified professional mentoring program unlike others in the marketplace. This credential provides credibility and states that you stand above others in your commitment to providing opportunities for growth within your company.

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