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Top CEO’s Are Focusing On Retaining Talent

Posted on Mon, Jul, 26, 2010

During the recent recession, many companies were focusing on cutting costs to stay afloat, and with that strategy, many companies have lost some key players in their organization.  However, PricewaterhouseCoopers recently conducted their 13th Annual Global CEO Survey and found that 70% of US CEOs said that they intend to change their strategies for managing talent for 2010.  CEOs have recognized the importance of retaining and motivating their employees.  Among several strategies that will be used to retain employees, mentoring will be a significant tool used by many organizations.   Some companies will be revamping their current programs by adding new features, while other companies will be looking for innovative ways to implement a new program.  Either way, Management Mentors can help you attain your goals.  Please click here to request your one-hour complementary consultation with one of our mentoring experts and see how we can assist you with your mentoring initiatives.

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