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5 Things A Mentoring Program Manager Should Consider

Posted on Mon, Aug, 23, 2010

A formal mentoring program can be very beneficial to an organization if it is utilized correctly.  Here are 5 things that a mentoring program manager should consider prior to developing a program:


  1. Plan your program prior to implementing it.
  • It is important to know what type of mentoring you are going to offer.
  • Decide beforehand if you plan to start with a pilot program.
  • Figure out how long you would like your pilot to last, and then decide how long the length of your mentoring program should be.
  • Determine who will be the participants.


  2.  Encourage participation.

  • Work with other departments to promote the mentoring program.
  • Offer information sessions to help employees understand what mentoring is and what are the benefits.


  3.  Offer an orientation session prior to the start of a mentoring program.

  • An orientation session helps participants understand what is expected of them.


  4.  Provide a training session for the pairs prior to the start of a    program.

  • Make sure to provide goals for each mentor and mentoree
  • Have the mentoring pairs decide what their goals will be.
  • Bring in speakers to reinforce the benefits of a mentoring program, as well as other topics relevant to your organization.


  5.  Conduct on-going training throughout the program.

  • Develop a list of topics used for discussion. 
  • Always have a guide line for your sessions.
  • Administer surveys to find out if the program is successfully on target.
  • Bring in speakers to reenergize your participants.


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