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5 Reasons Why Mentoring Is Essential

Posted on Wed, Aug, 25, 2010

Here are 5 reasons why a mentoring program is essential:

1.  To invest in your organizations future. 

  • A small investment used for a mentoring program will help produce a significant array of benefits for the organization as well as the employees.

2.  To assist with your succession planning

  • Once you determine who will be your future leaders, mentoring will help you prepare them for their future roles.

3.  To help you with your organizational growth. 

  • Mentoring will help strengthen communication and networking among employees.

4.  To foster knowledge sharing among employees. 

  • Mentoring helps with the transfer of knowledge among individuals. 

5.  To provide an additional benefit to your employees.

  • Employees consider mentoring an essential benefit because it allows the employee to interact with a colleague who is willing to assist them obtain their goals and growth within an organization.


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