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Which 10 companies were recognized for having exceptional leadership?

Posted on Fri, Sep, 17, 2010

While doing some research, I came across an article that was published earlier this year that focuses on companies that demonstrated to have extraordinary leadership in place during some of the most crucial times at their organization.   These individuals can truly be seen as mentors in their profession because their proactive actions have led the way for other organizations to follow in their footsteps.  The exceptional leaders are from the following 10 companies/family:

  1. Southwest
  2. Toyota
  3. Redfin
  4. Costco
  5. Starbucks
  6. IBM
  7. The Mandela Family
  8. TDIndustries
  9. Sun
  10. Toro

To read the full article, and to find out who were the extraordinary leaders that were recognized, please click here.  To learn how to develop your leaders through a formal mentoring program, please click here for a complimentary consultation.


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