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Posted on Fri, Nov, 05, 2010

Currently, we provide in-person mentoring certification in all the various professional roles involved in mentoring programs. Our certification is based upon experience and tested principles of mentoring that we have used for 20 years.

We also offer basic mentor and mentoree certification through our online mentoring training course called Mentoring Success through our Mentoring University organization. This robust course is only $79, and is perfect for mentors, mentorees, and new program managers.

Note: Currently, the rest of our certification takes many hours to complete and it involves much support on our end, which is why, at this time, we offer only in-person certification programs. We are in the process of developing online mentoring certification, so do keep our site bookmarked.

We offer certification for those engaged in the following designations in mentoring:

Mentoring Program Manager (MPM)
Executive Mentor (EM)
Professional Mentor (PM)
Mentoring Trainer (MT)
Group Mentoring Program Manager (GMPM)
Mentoring Group Leader (MGL)

Through our sister company, Mentoring University, we have developed an approach to the certification process that focuses on providing real experiential learning to those being certified. Unlike other organizations that offer “certification” in one- or two-day workshops that promise a lot but deliver less than expected, our mentoring certification program goes much deeper. For most of our clients, we work with one or two individuals at their facility and then stay with them for lengthy periods of time in order to assess their progress so that by the end of the specified certification period they are confident of their new role.

Please contact us directly if you'd like to learn more about our mentoring certification programs.

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