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How Has Mike Duke, Walmart's CEO, Helped Women Leaders At Walmart?

Posted on Fri, Dec, 03, 2010

After a lot of hard work, Mike Duke earned his spot as the CEO of Walmart.  While some on lookers may have been surprised at Walmart's choice, a group of executives knew that he would be the right person to improve their appearance, merchandising, leadership, diversity, and make the necessary changes needed to help Walmart continue to grow, and to continue to be one of the world's biggest company.  One of the most important changes that he has been praised for is the creation of the President's Global Council of Women's Leaders.  The group consists of 15 top female executives.  Monthly, they meet to discuss various topics such as creating more networking opportunities for females.  Mike Duke's main purpose of creating this new group was to expose more women to leadership. 

What are you doing in your company?

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