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What is Social Learning?

Posted on Wed, Dec, 08, 2010

The increasingly popular term that seems to be buzzing in many offices throughout the world is “Social Learning.”  Even though the Social Learning Theory has been around for centuries, it seems that its popularity has increased in the last few years due to the wide selection of social networking websites found on the internet.  Although most people know what social learning is, Wikipedia defines it as “Social learning theory or SLT is the theory that people learn new behavior through observational learning of the social factors in their environment. If people observe positive, desired outcomes in the observed behavior, then they are more likely to model, imitate, and adopt the behavior themselves.”  With that said, it is easy to see how mentoring resembles social learning because to be a good mentor, you need to observe your mentoree, be a good role model, and reinforce with your mentoree the knowledge that you have shared with them during your mentoring relationship.  To learn more about corporate mentoring, please visit our website.

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