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How To Not Miss Your Appointments With Your Mentoring Partner

Posted on Wed, Feb, 16, 2011

The most important challenge facing all mentoring pairs is the issue of time and making sure that you keep your commitments to meet.  Here's how to minimize this problem.

When you are scheduled to meet and something unexpected comes up, most of us tend to look for the path of least resistance in canceling an appointment.  This usually leads us to cancel our mentoring session because we know the other person will  understand.  That's because we ask the wrong question.  It's not "what can I cancel that will be the easiest?" but rather "What impact will my canceling this appointment have on the relationship?"  Sometimes canceling an appointment is not an issue if I've been involved with my partner for several months but if we've only met once or twice, my canceling will most likely raise a concern about my commitment to the relationship.  So next time you think of cancelling, stop and ask "What's the impact if I do?"  

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